Thursday, August 31, 2006


You know what would be a really cool blog concept? Synchronicity. You could base your whole blog around the strangely-related events that happen in your life.

I was thinking this, and realizing: do I really know what synchronicity is? So I looked it up on Wikipedia. Apparently, the term is Jungian in nature (who knew?), and it describes "the experience of having two (or more) things happen coincidentally in a manner that is meaningful to the person or persons experiencing them, where that meaning suggests an underlying pattern."

Further on in the article, it suggested that a similarity could be found between people believing in synchronicity and schizophrenics, in the sense that "ordinary events are seen as having a direct personal relevance to the schizophrenic, but are seen as 'normal' by non-schizophrenics." Yet the next sentence relates the ability to see correlation between separate events in one’s life to a spiritual awakening, similar to those who have had near-death experiences or kundalini awakenings.

So what is it, really? I guess I sort of thought of it as similar to serendipity—a happy accident. Small incidents of synchronicity seem to happen so often, once you start paying attention. I don’t know that I ever really took it as a "master plan", but maybe evidence that the world is a small, orderly place and things do happen for a reason.

Does this make me schizophrenic or spiritually enlightened? Or perhaps just someone that thinks too much.


Amy said...

Yes, well, I'm just excited that I can RSS your feed to my Yahoo page.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get Blogger to stop eating my images . . .

(I upload them, but then can't see them. Is there some secret user forum that I haven't discovered yet, in which the solution to this mystery is revealed?)

cat said...

And I thought you were going to be writing about The Police album. *shrugs* Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I liked this blog- gave me something to think about!

Amy said...

So, are you in mourning because went belly-up?