Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happily Ever Afterlife

Aha! You thought this would be the usual blog entry, but I've fooled you! This is a fake entry, because I've had another short story published on Romantic Short Love Stories. And I'm nothing if not crafty/lazy, so for today's blog I strongly urge you to view my fabulous short story. Here's the synopsis:
Adelaide is a high school art teacher with a secret summer life. Every year, this 35-year-old escapes with her two best friends to a Spiritualist camp in upstate New York to get in touch with the spirits and see what life has in store for her. Adelaide tells herself that it's fun and relaxing, and it's not like she really believes it ... until, after 5 years, she gets her first prediction about love. And James appears moments later. Are the spirits taking control of Adelaide's love life, or is this a self-fulfilling prophesy? Will James be her true love until Happily Ever Afterlife?
If you want to be amused and enlightened by the story, click here*. I hope you like it! (And feel free to tell the site administrator or any friends in publishing if you do.)

*Edited Aug. 2007: If you wanted to read the story, you're out of luck because the site's no longer there. Post a comment and I can send you the story, though!

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cat said...

I finally had a chance to read your story. I love it!