Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Healthy Drinking

I'm in caffeine-withdrawal.

For the past two days (Good lord, has it only been two days?!?) I've been trying to "eat healthier." I tell myself I'm not dieting—I'm just trying to cultivate good habits ... and if I happen to lose 20 lbs while doing that, so be it.

I'm pretty slow to start, though. Last night I went out with family to a Mexican restaurant and pretty much polished off my plate. But, to be fair: there were no beans or rice, and I had water to drink. Surely that counts for something, right?

Really the only change I've made is trying not to drink any pop, and it's killing me. It's one of those things where you never realize how high your caffeine-intake has become until you try to quit. I had a headache most of yesterday, and this morning my head's been pounding. Is it really worth it? Maybe I should buy some chocolate, and get my caffeine from somewhere other than pop. Can I still pass that off as "healthy eating"?

Or maybe my headache is somehow related to the case of beer I shotgunned before bed last night. But that's a habit I'll try to break next week.

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cat said...

Hang in there. Eventually, you'll reach my end of the spectrum--the end where caffeine gives you a headache. I only allow one tea or diet Dr. Pepper--no calories. I think the chocolate, unless ultra dark European kind, doesn't count. (Hmmm. My mom and I once made an argument in favor of Almond Joys being healthy--almonds = protein, coconut = fruit, milk chocolate = dairy. So really, I suppose you can justify anything.)