Friday, August 18, 2006

A Real Snoozer

I think I may have mentioned that I find Don Quixote a little long. And boring. Apparently, so does Gomez.

She does, however, find it an entirely suitable place to take a nap. She curled up on the open book not once, but two separate times last night. While adorable, it's very bad for my page quota.

You know, I could go on about Don Quixote or kittens, but let's face it: you wouldn't really be reading the blog. You'd start skimming and your eyes would stray back to the picture because it's just so damn cute. So why bother? Just look at the kitten and smile.


Mom said...

What a great picture- Gomez and I have something in common!

Amy said...

So, is this now the all-kittens-all-the-time blog?

(Not that I mind!)

M. Lubbers said...

Hey now! I posted two pics of the kitty and suddenly I'm accused of the AKATT blog?!? That's not fair! ..... I do talk about the dog, too.

Mary Lou said...

More Kitty Pictures and Stories!!! She is just tooooo darn cute and she grows up fast!!! To be fair to the You can use some of the space telling us the difference you see between canines and felines!!!

You need to learn to read 2 books at a time - one for Gomez to snooze on and one for you to get your page quota in. As for a good book to read try "The Cats Mind". You will learn everything you need to know about why cats do what they do!!!

M. Lubbers said...

Mary Lou,

Thanks for the tip about the book The Cat's Mind. I'll be sure to check it out!

I think what I really need is a third arm so I can read two books and eat dinner, all at the same time!