Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Office: New Season!

Since the new season of The Office (US version) has begun, I'm reviving my cheat posts, consisting entirely of quotes from the latest episode and lovely pictures of Jim Halpert. Sorry this took so long—but it's up just in time to review before the next episode. Enjoy!

Michael: Okay, well, I did not get the job in New York. But I go the real prize—domestic bliss. Jan made me breakfast this morning. (Eating a bowl of cereal.) Well, she bought the milk. It's soy!

Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news. Meredith was hit by a car. It happened this morning in the parking lot. I took her to the hospital. And the doctors tried to save her life. They did the best that they could, and she is going to be okay.

Stanley: What is wrong with you? Why did you have to phrase it like that?

Dwight: Hey, why did you do it?
Michael: It was an accident.
Dwight: Was she talking back? Were you sick of that face? Did she owe you money? Uh oh, is this downsizing? Did she spurn your advances?


Michael: So Ryan got promoted to corporate, where he is a little fish in a big pond. Whereas, back here in Scranton, I am still top dog in a fairly large pond. So who is the real boss? The dog or a fish?


Michael: So I need a little treat for the gang—something to win their affections back.
Ryan: Back? Why is that, Michael?
Michael: (sigh) I ran down Meredith in my car.
Ryan: Did you do this on purpose?
Michael: No, I was being negligent.But she's in the hospital. She's fine. Recovering nicely. Tiny little crack in her pelvis. But she will be up and ...
Ryan: Did this happen on company property?
Michael: Yes. It was on company property with company property. So: double jeopardy. We are fine.
Ryan: I don't think you understand how "jeopardy" works.
Michael: Oh, right. I'm sorry. What is "we're fine"?


Michael: I wouldn't say I'm "superstitious." Maybe just a little "sticious."


Jonathan said...

I need to see the first season of the US version of "The Office" - by all accounts it's actually very good...

I will admit to keeping away from it purely because I was a fan of the original in the UK, and thought "oh no, not another badly ripped off US version of a great show".

M. Lubbers said...


I was a HUGE fan of the original UK office. I was excited for—but a little apprehensive when I heard they were making an American version.

I HATED the first episode. It was an exact rip-off the original, right down to Jim/Tim putting Dwight/Gareth's stapler in the jello. I thought it was stupid, and decided I would never watch the show.

However, now I think that first episode was brilliant because ever since then, it's been all new material, adapted to the American work culture. So you really should give it a try. Michael Scott and David Brent are not the same person, but they're equally painful and hilarious.

Amy said...

Thankfully you haven't spoiled last night's episode for me by being ultra-prompt and posting your fave lines today. I was busy watching the Indians stick it to the Yankees, and relied on my trusty VCR to pick up the slack.

I, too, hated the first American episode. I'm not that into the British version, either. And sometimes I think "Why am I watching this? This is awful!" when Michael Scott does something cringe-inducing. But then John Krasinski shows up, perhaps with a fax from Future Dwight, and all is right with the world.