Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedding #2

Well, I don't have my act together enough to download the pictures of the wedding from our digital camera. (Download? Upload? I think I always use the wrong one.) Luckily, my mother-in-law is on the ball, and already has some pictures up on Picasa.

It was beautiful, summer-like weather and a gorgeous wedding. Getting back on Sunday evening felt like such a letdown—a return to real-life. Laundry to be done, rooms to be cleaned, dinners to be made. Sometimes I forgot how even just a short weekend getaway can take away the pressures of daily life. But wedding #2 is over and wedding #3 (Keith's best friend, Michael) is almost 2 months away. So I guess I'd better get started on the laundry and the cleaning, because real life is here to stay.


Sister Ruth said...

Great pictures, Megan!

It was good to be with you on the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas and enjoying your blog.


cat said...

I love the dresses! So beautiful! The golf course idea is awesome! Haven't seen pics done there before.

Bren said...

Upload/Download... it's both.

Yer uploading TO your PC and downloading FROM your camera! So either or is acceptable ;)

M. Lubbers said...

The golf course really was a beautiful setting. And meaningful, too, since Nick has worked/played there for years and he proposed to Christina on the course.

So Bren, I just need a handy mnemonic device to remember TO=upload and FROM=download. I'll get it one of these days!;)