Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Weekend in Concert: Gomez 2

Ahem, now that the tirade's over, I can say that I really do like hearing their songs in concert. "Fill My Cup" is fabulous for its intermingled lead vocals and this time I really enjoyed "Devil Will Ride," which hasn't really struck me at other concerts.

Around the middle of the concert, the Slow Runner fans in front of us took off and we made our move to the front row.Front row! Not counting high school choir concerts or college house parties, I've never been in the front row before. Even though we've been 2nd or 3rd row at Gomez concerts before, it was still very exciting to be in the front row.

I was surprised to find it also, well, a little awkward to be staring at these guys on stage, and actually facing the possibility that they might look back. A few times I think Ian and I made eye contact, and I quickly looked away because I didn't really know what to do. Smile? Wink? Shout "I love you Ian!" and go into Beatlesque meltdown mode? Hardly appropriate for Gomez's style, but I still felt like there needed to be something.

Being so close to the stage, I really saw and appreciated how much fun the band were having playing together. I saw the drummer, Olly Peacock (who, if the band thing didn't work out, was obviously going to have to go into porn with a name like that), making eye contact with singer/guitarist Ben. Ian and bassist Blackie did an impromptu guitar jig. Ben's microphone toppled over and singer/guitarist/keyboardist Tom picked it up and when it fell over again, threw it to the side and loaned his to Ben. Percussionist Dajon made faces at Tom at one point while Tom was on the keyboard.

They obviously like playing together and it really seemed apparent that they're a band. They write all of the songs together—they don't even have a main lead singer. I've been reading articles lately that cite this as a flaw, saying that Gomez's lack of a lead singer means they have no charisma and will never make it in the States.

I think the review is wrong: Gomez has plenty of charisma as a whole. And if they never make it in the States, I would be sorry for the lads but selfishly happy to still be in the first row for years to come.

They came out for one encore that consisted of only 3 songs. When it was over, I kept expecting a second encore (a la Pearl Jam), but it wasn't going to happen. The roadies began clearing the stage while we were still standing and hoping, and one handed me a set list from that night's performance. (So really I should be able to tell you exactly how many songs they performed off In Our Gun but it's at home.)

Gomez are coming to Cleveland this Saturday, which presents quite a dilemma seeing as how that's the Big Move day. But hopefully we'll be able to finish early and still have time to shower before resuming our front row adoration. I'd appreciate any ideas on how to handle the awkward eye contact, though.

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cat said...

Flash your boobs? Oh, wait ... you wanted to know how you should handle the awkawrd eye contact, not how I would. (kidding) I'm a front row groupie.

When Scott Weiland and I made eye contact at Velvet Revolver last spring, I just kept doing my thing--jumping up and down with my hands in the devil's horn thingees while singing along. Otherwise, I can't say I've made eye contact with anyone on stage (excepting people I know). I guess make sure that they see that you're having a great time.