Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And she says "Garrrr!" when she's hungry

My cat's trying to turn me into a pirate. Before you call the idea "far-fetched" or "crazy," consider the following:

  1. Whenever possible, she perches on my shoulder, a la ... a pirate's parrot. The picture on the left is actually one of Gomez and I, taken by Keith just a few short days ago.

  2. She seems to think that eye movement is a form of play, as she has several times tried to attack my eyes. Innocent play? ... Or an attempt to make me wear an eye patch?

  3. She is a master of plundering and pillage. She eats Beckett's food from the bowl and, whenever Keith and I sit down to dinner, she appears from thin air to steal our food.

Garrr! I rest my case.


cat said...

Gaaarrrr matey! You should dress up Gomez as a pirate for Halloween! And, my favorite pirate song is relevant here (unfortunately, they don't have the full version up here). The site is in frames, so go to music, then "Worst Pirate" song.

cat said...

Yay! I found the full version of the song on their MySpace. It didn't work the first time I tried to pull it up.

Anonymous said...

KoKo and YumYum- move over!

Anonymous said...

Now, hold on, that's crazy talk. We- I mean, CATS, are here to love and support "owners" unconditionally and we- I MEAN, CATS- have absolutely no hidden agenda, and if CATS did, you humans- ERMMM! WE, being of course humans, would certainly be on to it, since of course CATS aren't way smarter than people.
-Mr. G.W. in Lakewood, Ohio