Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tivo Takes Over My Life

We watched the first episode of The Amazing Race 10 on Sunday night. It was exciting and fun to see the new teams, start picking out the ones you root for and the teams you love to hate.

But I already started worrying. Once the new TV season is in full swing, will we be able to keep up?

We use Tivo/DVR all the time. Probably excessively. I'm definitely addicted to it. However, I still haven't made up my mind as to whether it's evil or a benefit to mankind. On the one hand, if you stay home sick from work, you might actually be able to watch shows you like, instead of soap operas and many commercials about how trucking is a great career.

On the other hand, I feel like a slave to the Tivo. As the list of recorded shows grows longer, I put off eating, sleeping, running errands, acting social. Because we must keep up with the list. I know it's kind of stupid, but it has this hold over me.

This season I'm particularly worried, seeing as how we'll be MIA in the UK for nearly 2 weeks. Will Tivo ever forgive me? Perhaps I'll find 10 episodes of The Simple Life awaiting upon my return, as my punishment for abandoning The Tivo List.


cat said...

Or you could come home to an Are You Being Served marathon. Surely, by then, you won't be exhausted by all things British.

I tape TAR, Gilmore Girls, and Prison Break. So you'll have back up for those!

You know what's truly evil? My sister's DVR--full of SpongeBob and Wonder Pets. Just wait til you have kids!

Amy said...

I told C about Keith's Excel spreadsheet for programming said Tivo. She laughed and laughed.

Is the Tivo only hooked up to the big TV in the basement? Because I find that I catch up with lots of stuff that I have taped (Daily Show, Colbert Report, Leno, Ferguson) while I am doing other things (geeking around online, doing rubber stamping projects, etc.) in the same general vicinity of the TV.

However, since you have such a lovely big house with lots of space dividing the television area from the crafting area, maybe multitasking would be difficult.

M. Lubbers said...

We only have Tivo in the basement because it was cheap to get it with the HD receiver. If we wanted it on a second receiver, though, it was ridiculously expensive. Hence, the rationing of the Tivo. Otherwise, I like your suggestion! If I weren't cheap, I'd be all over it.