Friday, September 08, 2006

Literary Overload

The library at the end of my street officially opened this past Wednesday. I have a library at the end of my street. I can walk there. I could hop there on one foot, if I chose to do so. That's how close it is.

What will this mean for my productivity? I actually think I've been very good in the past few weeks, managing to work out, get some writing/revision done, and even cook a meal or two. For me, that's fabulous! But now that I know there's thousands of books a few steps away, will my productivity crumble?

We went to the grand opening on Wednesday. It was kind of a mad house. We cleaned out their guides to London/the UK, which I've been enjoying since. I'd like to go back again soon, when it's not so crazy and exudes the calming influence of knowledge and deep thought I associate with the library. I don't know yet if they have a coffee shop, too. If so, I may never leave!


Amy said...

I, too, enjoy having an outpost of the CCPL within walking distance. (I draw the line at hopping -- it's about six blocks compared to your one, and there is a busy street to cross.) I think I've mentioned my giant list of things I plan to check out of the library.

Right now I'm on a Roald Dahl kick. I read the first part of his autobiography, Boy: Tales of Childhood, ages ago, and I saw part 2, Going Solo, at Half-Price Books the other day and couldn't remember if I'd read it or not. When I was looking it up in the catalog, I decided to get some short story collections as well.

I read all those last night, and in the middle of one story ("Mr. Feasey") I knew I'd read it before, very recently, but I couldn't pinpoint where. Wherever I read it before, I don't really remember it being identified as a Dahl story, but maybe it was. At any rate, trying to place it is driving me crazy.

Anyhow, I want to start Going Solo tonight, but I should really work on my freelance projects while catching up on some TV I've taped. (Welcome to my lame Friday night!)

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous- A NEW library- we'll have to visit!