Friday, September 15, 2006


Yesterday at lunch, for possibly the second time since I started working here over 4 months ago, there was a wait for the microwave. While I heated my soup, another employee waited patiently. He said, "I like your pants." I said, "Thanks." (They are quite nice pants, I must say--wide-legged khaki trousers from The Limited.) End of conversation, the microwave dinged! and I walked away.

This morning, I went back to the kitchen to get some hot water for my tea. This same employee (who I don't think I'd ever seen before yesterday) was there. I said "hi," somewhat familiarly, based on our acknowledgement of each other's presence yesterday. He greeted me in reply, but looked confused.

"Did I see you yesterday?" He asked.

I smiled. "Waiting for the microwave."

"With the pants," he confirmed. "You look different."

"Oh, my hair is down," I suggested.

"Were you wearing glasses?" He asked.

I thought about it. "That's right, I was!" I confirmed. (Today it's contacts, since I took the dog on his walk this morning.)

After a few more minutes of small talk, I walked away with my steaming mug of tea. I realized that I found the fact he wasn't sure if it was me from one day to the next quite pleasing. It made me feel more interesting, less predictable. Is she going to wear her glasses today? Who knows?!?

I will wear those pants again, though. With or without glasses, those are nice pants.

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auntie liz said...

Meg, hope you and Keith have a fantastic vacation. You and your mother's blogs are wonderful reading. Knowing how much you like to read your mom may move in with you and take virtual walks with cheyenne to the library and never leave, especially if they have a coffee shop like Borders. Love you both.