Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall Clothes

Last week, my older sister and I were e-mailing about how Fall is our favorite season. There's so many reasons to love Fall. In fact, I could wax poetic about Fall at such extended length, I thought I could stretch it into several blog entries! So, my first theme in a while: The Splendiforousness of Fall

Fall Clothes
One of the reasons I wanted our wedding to be in the Fall is because the colors are so bold and deep. I love the oranges and reds. I like getting my bulky sweaters and sweatshirts off the top shelf and putting them on for the first time since last winter. I'm happy to wear bulky socks that keep my feet toasty warm. And scarves! I love scarves. Which would partially explain why I own probably 5 of them. (Also explained by the fact that, for several years, they were the only thing I knew how to knit.)

I like putting away the open-toed shoes and bringing my sexy black boots back into circulation. I like layers, lots of layers. And the scarves.

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